Friday, July 1, 2011

new blog topic {thursday + thankful} healing + remission

so in an attempt to create better blogging habits for myself {since i post so randomly + not so consistently} i thought i'd post about what i'm thankful for... i think it's way too easy to look around and make note of the things that aren't going right in life, and it really takes a BIG effort to notice the things in our lives that we're thankful for! i know some people do WIWW {translation: what i wore wednesday, check out my SIL's posts, i admire her for posting about it, but that's a whole other blog post} and so on, so i thought i'd start {what i think to be} my own little creation, "thursday and thankful"... it has a fun ring to it!

so like i mentioned, sometimes life and circumstances can really get you down... but after doing a little reflecting {and listening to some advice from mom} i agreed i've gotta focus on what i have, rather than have not, and i encourage you to do the same as well... your outlook will be so much healthier for doing so!

this thursday, june 30th i'm thankful for
those are two very important words to me especially today because last year on this date i was with my mom in the mall going for our mani + pedi date when she got a phone call that she had been diagnosed with lymphoma.... that's one way to ruin a mom + me date!  needless to say we still went for our girl time, and cried most of the way through it... but even in those first moments that seemed so scary and so uncertain while my mind was racing a million miles a minute, i had to remember that God has the power to do anything, including healing my mom!

i know i haven't really mentioned much about this on here, but this past year has been quite interesting because of this, it's put a lot n perspective for me, and it's made me even more thankful for the parents i've been blessed with and the relationships i've made.  and i'm even more thankful that fall of 2010 we got the news that a healing had taken place in my mom's body and that her stage 4 lymphoma was already in remission... we don't know why God allows us to go through certain trials, but we do know that when we get to the other side of them we can be thankful that He carried us through it.

i love you mom, and i'm glad we could celebrate this milestone with our mani + pedi date without crying our way through it! =)

and because i can't help sharing a photo, here's one of my mom and i on my wedding day in 2008.
photo courtesy of memories by michael

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JSchron said...

Blair - I can't believe that I spent the whole day with you yesterday, and didn't even know that you had posted this!

For all of you who might only know Blair through her blog, she is a WONDERFUL daughter! She was always my ride home from Chemo, and we'd go to lunch or go shopping. She was and still is a huge part of my support system. My family and the prayers of so many really pulled me through on my little trip with Lymphoma. I am so blessed . . . .
As we always say, we would have missed so much without her!

Mom (Jayme Schron)