Thursday, July 21, 2011

{thursday + thankful} support and encouragement

hey there everyone, sorry i didn't write last week, not to worry i was flaking on last week's post
only because i was en route to this gorgeous place...

... unreal right?? so on thursday i took a break from "my blogging schedule," since it's such hectic schedule {oops just a little sarcasm there}, to get to the above location... i'm pretty sure you would scrap blogging for that view too right? 

.... ok, so the reason i'm writing these {thursday +thankful} entries is an attempt to be real with my readers and to share a little bit about who i am for those of you who haven't had the "pleasure" of meeting me in person {uh oh, there goes that sarcasm again} =)

but seriously though i truly love when i am given a chance to "get to know" the bloggers that i enjoy following, and when they share about themselves it gives me a glimpse into who they are as people and makes me feel like i'm reading an update from a friend... so my hope in sharing these things is that those people that google analytics swears visit my blog every week can get to know who blair britt is just a little bit better.

this week thursday july 21st i'm thankful for:
of course returning home from vacation i needed to get my bearings again life, family and of course business-wise... which if you're a small biz owner you know how hard it is to take any time away because you always seem to pay for it after you come back... anyhow, i figured since i had such a wonderful trip i'm paying for it now.... after an emotional week, a series of frustrating events in the past few days i reached my boiling point today! go figure i would "break down" on the day that i post my happy thursday + thankful post.... after getting out of the house for a few hours and getting away from the things that were threatening to rob me of my emotional stability {well not totally}, i realized as i have many times before.... i am SOOO incredibly thankful for the support and encouragement i get all the time from my amazing friends and family.  God really, truly has blessed me with a pretty rad support group {that sounds odd, huh?} scratch the group, make that support system!  when i had reached my limit today i called my mom and she helped talk me off the emotional ledge, consoled me and helped try to encourage me through what i was seeing as a MAJOR disaster, but was really just a minor blip in the big picture.... she's done this repeatedly throughout my life and has been my perma-cheerleader, and has believed and encouraged me in everything i've ever pursued... and i know that's not just the case with my mom, but it goes for my whole family.  we may have one big crazy family, but we all love, care and support each other.

after i got out of the house i talked to a friend, one that i know i can always confide in and i told her about the past few days i've been having and she was so positive and complimentary of some recent projects i've worked on and offered to pray that the rest of my day would go uphill... it's one thing to have the support from your family, but they're family you would hope they'd always be there... but friends get busy, you don't talk as much as you'd like, but it's so humbling to know that i have friends that i can be 100% myself with, loose it for a few minutes and they'll still love me even if i am having a "moment."  again its such a huge blessing to know that i have strong friendships to the point that they'll help get me back on my feet after falling down and going boom.  

i figure i could be headed off to bed right now saying how brutal today was, but ending on this note helps try to even out the tone of today from one that caused me to be super bent-outta-shape to one of thanks and gratitude.... not for the negative in today, but the positives that seem to be forgotten on the "good days."

i found this quote on pinterest recently and "blair-ified" it, i thought it was pretty relevant to the topic of this post.

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