Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{before and after's} furniture

 so if you follow along with what i'm up to on facebook, or if you follow my tweets, you know i was putting in quite a few hours working to spruce up some of the antique furniture i've accrued over the past year... i was doing that for the flea market i was selling at with my mom.  she and my dad were looking to unload some of their antiques, so i figured i'd sell some of my cute little tables... so here are the before + after's of some of my stash....

horrible little orange table, but i saw past it and thought she had cute legs + lines

here she is all cleaned up

the whole table was stripped, sanded, then the top + shelves were stained a very dark mahogany brown and the skirt and legs were painted a milky white and to give the paint an aged look we went over it with some brown glaze to add character!

 don't you just love the shape of the top?!?
 she didn't sell, but i was secretly hoping i could take her home to my house if she didn't 
{like how i'm talking like the table is part of the family?} =)

next up was another super cute tiered table....

and here it is distressed with a dry brushed coat of pistachio paint base, then glazed with some antique white, and then glazed with a a little brown for antiquing.

 close-up - aren't the curves of the trim sooo cute?!

 and here are the legs, we left the feet the oxidized copper {i think it's copper at least?} but i just love the color of this table, it's enough to accent a room, but not super bold either!
 sadly, this table didn't sell either, so she's looking for a new loving home to show off in... or perhaps you'd like to rent her for a wedding or event... she's an orange county native right now, so if you're local you could make her yours for $70 
{please email me if you want dimensions, rental price, or any other info}

here's a cute little drop leaf side table, it was solid mahogany...
....had so much character for such a small table!

this one did sell to a really sweet customer and her mom,
here's an after photo i snapped before it went off to its new home!

next is this nice coffee table... it was a little beat up, but i loved the legs {i'm a sucker for nice legs}!
and i really liked the little shell/fan detail on the legs...
:: :: before :: ::

and... after!

i used it as my coffee table in the vignette with the daybed behind it that was filled with our throw pillows, i topped it with some antlers and that enormous glass cloche!

close up of the leg

the table top was really pretty, we sanded off the ugly reddish stain, gave it a new coat of stain so you could really see the detail and pattern of the wood... happy to report this table went to a new home that day too!

here's another great table, didn't manage to get a before photo of this one, but it had a REALLY red colored stain on it and so we sanded it down and gave it a more "today" colored finish

in case you haven't noticed... i'm seriously drawn to table tops with something other than a square or circular shape =)

and last but not least here's another one of my FAVORITES!
here is this solid pecan table before....

and here it is after! the top + drawer front are stained the same color and the body, skirt + legs are painted a light sea-foam that's been topped with a antique white glaze and then given some tiny splatters to give it some character!

 and a close up... you can see the splatters here
she also needs a good home, it's a great size to be used as an apartment-sized coffee table
{and yes all my pieces are females, haha}
she's available for pick up in orange county for $120

i had a few other pieces that i didn't get finished so i'll save those for another post!

again if you are interested in purchasing a piece you saw in this post, or if you'd like to rent one for an event feel free to email me!

Friday, August 5, 2011

sorry to miss {thursday + thankful}

sorry everyone, if you happen to look forward to my {thursday + thankful} post, it didn't happen yesterday because i was working the better part of the day to get furniture pieces finished up for the flea market this weekend! i can't wait to show you everything, it's so exciting... but in the mean time i did want to give you another sneak peek at a few other things we'll be selling at the flea market!

if you've ever seen me in action at a wedding while i'm setting up you can usually find me wearing one of these....

it's a girly tool belt, or you could call it a crafting tool belt, or it could be a domestic goddess' housework tool belt... whatever floats your boat, you can call it that!  anyhow, i love these, they are so handy.  you can carry around a pair of scissors and floral shears, pens + pencils in their own pocket, a note pad or two... and there's a little front pocket that'll fit a cell phone perfectly!  i've even clipped a walkie onto the waistband before too!

on the right side you have one loop for scissors or another sharp object, and there's a pocket that it sits in, so the blade isn't moving around, then next to that is the pocket for your paint brushes, pens + pencils... next to that there's two 5" pockets for note pads, i happen to carry fishing line in there or adhesive or floral tape usually...

then on the left side you can see there's the other 5" pocket for larger items, another loop + pocket for any other sharp object... and of course the pocket for your cell phone!  i love having a place for my phone because i can sit it there, throw on my headset and i can keep working if i have to take a call.  which on a normal wedding day you have vendors, bridal party members, and family calling you for random things throughout set up sometimes!

here are a few more colors/styles we'll have with us on sunday!
 i love the pattern combos as well as the teal + brown together

 they have long ties that are really sturdy for helping bear the weight of the stuff you carry around!

coral, animal print + rusty stripe

a flat view of all of them...

 teal ticking, ikat, and graphic pattern

teal + brown geometric pattern, w/ the graphic and funky print

red, khaki + navy typography - for the font lover {like me}
wouldn't this be so cute for a teacher's gift for back to school?

in case you're wondering about measurements - they're approximately 20" wide x 10" long
{not including the ties of the waistband}

hope to see you sunday!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 years + counting...

it's that time of year that i get a little personal... today is my 3rd anniversary! and it's amazing to think that three years ago i was celebrating my new marriage with my hubby and our friends + family... it's only been three years but it's nuts to look back and realize how quickly the time flies!

here we are on 8.2.08 and us in 2011 after enjoying our anniversary dinner

although he and i have been together eight years {married three of those} i've learned a great deal about us together, myself, and about marriage... i really do look forward to learning more, to working to build a home together, and someday starting a family to fill that home.  marriage isn't always an easy thing, but here are some great "marriage tips" that have spoken to me over the past year that i've been following the very wise  Mike Glenn on twitter, i hope they speak to you too!

"us before me"

"fight the problem, not each other"

"Make substantial deposits of love before you make a withdrawal. 
Bouncing checks of the heart are hard to cover."

"Be proactive in helping your spouse achieve their goals. If they win, you win."

"Write letters to each other. Pen and paper, envelope and stamps...that's what makes it unforgettable."

"Remember when you were dating? Couldn't wait for Friday. 
Do what you have to do to make Fridays that way again."

"Your spouse isn't clairvoyant. If you need something, ask. If you feel something, say it."

"Love is spelled 'T I M E.' You spend time on who and what you love. 
What does your time say about your love?"

"Big things are little things put together. 
Want the big thing to work? Do the little things well and often."

"Every man has to be someone's hero. Make sure your husband knows he is yours."

::  ::  ::  ::  ::

and the marriage tip that really impacted me to understand that you need to "work" on your marriage every single day, was the following tip....

::  ::  ::  ::  ::

Monday, August 1, 2011

{sneak peek} more items for the IVC flea market

i know i posted last week saying that i'll have a booth at the Irvine Valley College flea market on Sunday, August 7th... well i wanted to show you a few more goodies that we will have available at the market...

lots and lots o' throw pillows!

{left} red + tan ikat linen pillow {right}cute tan + cream stripe w/ red stiched burlap cross
Source: via Blair on Pinterest

{light blue + white geometric linen pillows} there will be coordinated lumbars too!
Source: via Blair on Pinterest

{black + tan} preppy plaid pillows
                                                                              Source: via Blair on Pinterest

{and here's my absolute favorite} vintage inspired union jack accent lumbar- it has a heavy linen backer
with white stripe fabric, blue canvas, and cream crochetted trim... i think the next go around i'll get some made with lace, how cute would that be?

Source: via Blair on Pinterest

sorry about the funky looking photos, these were all taken on my ipad via but, if you see anything you'd like maybe for your wedding or upcoming event, or even for your house... feel free to email me {} and i can get you set up with some cute pillows! 

also, i'll have more photos coming after this weekend's event, so stay tuned!