Friday, August 5, 2011

sorry to miss {thursday + thankful}

sorry everyone, if you happen to look forward to my {thursday + thankful} post, it didn't happen yesterday because i was working the better part of the day to get furniture pieces finished up for the flea market this weekend! i can't wait to show you everything, it's so exciting... but in the mean time i did want to give you another sneak peek at a few other things we'll be selling at the flea market!

if you've ever seen me in action at a wedding while i'm setting up you can usually find me wearing one of these....

it's a girly tool belt, or you could call it a crafting tool belt, or it could be a domestic goddess' housework tool belt... whatever floats your boat, you can call it that!  anyhow, i love these, they are so handy.  you can carry around a pair of scissors and floral shears, pens + pencils in their own pocket, a note pad or two... and there's a little front pocket that'll fit a cell phone perfectly!  i've even clipped a walkie onto the waistband before too!

on the right side you have one loop for scissors or another sharp object, and there's a pocket that it sits in, so the blade isn't moving around, then next to that is the pocket for your paint brushes, pens + pencils... next to that there's two 5" pockets for note pads, i happen to carry fishing line in there or adhesive or floral tape usually...

then on the left side you can see there's the other 5" pocket for larger items, another loop + pocket for any other sharp object... and of course the pocket for your cell phone!  i love having a place for my phone because i can sit it there, throw on my headset and i can keep working if i have to take a call.  which on a normal wedding day you have vendors, bridal party members, and family calling you for random things throughout set up sometimes!

here are a few more colors/styles we'll have with us on sunday!
 i love the pattern combos as well as the teal + brown together

 they have long ties that are really sturdy for helping bear the weight of the stuff you carry around!

coral, animal print + rusty stripe

a flat view of all of them...

 teal ticking, ikat, and graphic pattern

teal + brown geometric pattern, w/ the graphic and funky print

red, khaki + navy typography - for the font lover {like me}
wouldn't this be so cute for a teacher's gift for back to school?

in case you're wondering about measurements - they're approximately 20" wide x 10" long
{not including the ties of the waistband}

hope to see you sunday!

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Glam Candies said...

Oh those aprons are so cute! I usually wear dresses with pockets at events because they come in so handy. Do you personalize? I have been looking for some time and would love to get more info. Have a great time at the flea market. I'm sure those will go quick! :)