Thursday, January 7, 2010

{meet} Josh & Marci

One of my 2010 brides just shared some of their awesome e-pics with me! Not only are they a cute couple but their fantastic photographer {Hugh Forte} captured some beautiful shots, even considering the gloomy weather we had been having in So Cal last month.

We're working to create an Anthro-styled wedding with touches of their Japanese and Mexican heritage throughout their day... I'm really excited to see the whole day pulled together, it's going to be fabulous!

Thanks for the honor of working with you both to create your special day! I can't believe you two are only about 6 months from becoming Mr. & Mrs. =)

here are a few more of my favs of Hugh Forte's shots from that day:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

{vendor spotlight} aqua vivus productions

I found out about this videography vendor a few months back from one of the couples I'm working with... and I'm really hoping we get the opportunity to work with this talent at a future wedding.

Aqua Vivus does this neat thing called a "love story" - think of it as a e-vid kinda the way e-pics are to your wedding photos!  Think about it, if you get to know your potential wedding photographer by having them take your engagement pics, why wouldn't you wanna do a trial run with your videographer to test out their personality, shooting, and editing styles?

Check out this love story they have featured on their site and blog:

Heidi + Brian Love Story from Thomas O'Hara on Vimeo.

I especially love it because I was a Hume Lake camper from Jr. High all the way through High School... I find their love story to be absolutely adorable & a great alternative to the standard wedding slideshow!

Aqua Vivus team, keep doin' what you obviously do best!