Friday, January 21, 2011

{personal} 101 goals in 1001 days... here we go!

I found this idea on one of the blogs I follow and thought "this is the kind of goal setting I can do!"

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable, or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of stretching on your part.)

Starting Date: February 9, 2011
Completion Date: November 15, 2013

I can do that! So.. here's my list:
{I will add a link to all the posts about the completed goals}

  1. Refinish my cute tiered flea market table.
  2. Read the Proverbs 31 woman 6 months out of the year {each year}.
  3. Scan and burn to a CD our College party pix.
  4. Get back to my goal weight of 140.
  5. Do some form of exercise 3 days a week for 2 months straight.
  6. Have a baby by 30.
  7. Keep a pregnancy journal when that time comes.
  8. Organize a business photoshoot. 
  9. Create 4 Business Christmas card designs in July 2011.
  10. Post Christmas Designs in September 2011 in my paperie Etsy shop.
  11. Organize all my iPhoto images. {florals, attire, cakes, wedding decor, home dec, etc}
  12. Collect 10 friends or family recipes and try each of them.
  13. Create a "important docs" binder w/ my mom
  14. Visit Temecula. {post coming soon}
  15. Visit Napa
  16. Vend in the Local Irvine Farmer's Market.
  17. Make Lasagna.
  18. Make dinner 5 nights in one week.
  19. Finish living room curtains 
  20. Start "top secret project" with my SIL Lisa. 
  21. Buy a deep freezer for meets and frozen meals.
  22. Take my mom on a girls date and actually pick up the tab for once!
  23. Go to a daddy and me breakfast with my pops... like old times. 
  24. Go to Hawaii with the hubby.
  25. Build the neat-o shelf/display pieces for our dining area.
  26. Babysit for my girlfriend so she and her hubby can go on a date.
  27. Babysit for my brother and SIL, so they can go on a date.
  28. Visit Nashville, TN. {part 1 post here}
  29. Sit in the audience of the Grand Ol Opry. {post coming soon}
  30. Grow my dahlias again and get them to bloom.
  31. Have the hubby's best man and wife over for dinner to our place. 
  32. Fit into my lucky jeans again... huge stretch!
  33. Get our carpeting cleaned.
  34. Visit the Nixon and Regan libraries with the hubby.
  35. Finally make a date to go to lunch with the 3 college girlfriends I haven't seen in over a year!
  36. Clean out, update, and organize the hubby's filing cabinet.
  37. Clean out, update, and organize my filing cabinet.
  38. Visit Vegas in the Summertime again.
  39. Take a Weekend Tip to Santa Barbara.
  40. Host a seasonal party at our place. 
  41. Go for a walk on the beach with my hubby 3 times summer 2011.
  42. Buy a new mattress.
  43. Buy a gas grill for me to cook on.
  44. Blog 10 times in one month {on one of either blogs}
  45. Get my jewelry into 3 boutiques.
  46. Get the hubby's life insurance taken care of {sounds so morbid}.
  47. Purchase an iPad2 {for business}. {post here}
  48. Go to the Stagecoach festival.
  49. Burn all our pictures by year onto CD. 
  50. Go through college junk that's in my parent's storage, sort, and purge.
  51. Become homeowners.
  52. Frame my USC diploma w/ my stole.
  53. Read the 4 hour work week.
  54. Plan my 10 year High School Reunion. {in the works}
  55. Attend my 10 year High School Reunion.
  56. Attend my hubby's 10 year High School Reunion. 
  57. Drive the speed limit for one day.
  58. Finish decorating our place.
  59. Give my BBE blog a make-over.
  60. Overhaul the furniture and layout of our study/my studio.
  61. Re-paint the studio.
  62. Attend a USC Weekender in 2011 or 2012.
  63. Finalize and have our wedding photography book completed {yes we were married in "08}.
  64. Get all of my bank accounts, gym membership, insurance info changed to my married name.
  65. Do a 500 piece puzzle by myself.
  66. Buy a sectional sofa... no more his and her's sofas.
  67. Majorly clean out the refrigerator.
  68. Finish organizing my business storage unit.
  69. Get pro photos taken of all of my event props, and put together a website for my rental pieces.
  70. Do a MAJOR clean up/back up of my laptop.
  71. Take my laptop in to have the casing fixed & recover my iTunes password, all prior to my apple care running out.
  72. Do it again like a year later. I'm sure it will need it again.
  73. Go to a pumpkin patch. 
  74. Go to a Drive-in movie.
  75. Put up our Christmas Tree by December 1st, 2011
  76. Do a major cleaning overhaul in our place.
  77. Do it again a year later, again I'm positive it'll need it.
  78. Have fondue with the family for dad's birthday. 
  79. Get 30 sales in one month in either of my etsy shops {not counting outside/referral orders}.
  80. Have a professional bra fitting.
  81. Write to our adopted World Vision child.
  82. Serve a meal in a shelter or soup kitchen {once a year}. 
  83. Read 10 new books.
  84. Get a new dinning room table.
  85. Learn to drive a stick-shift.
  86. Drive/show my hubby Silverado canyon.
  87. Get a flipCam {for business}
  88. Learn how to make tiramisu.
  89. Find and bake a great red velvet cupcake.
  90. Pay for someone behind me in a drive-thru. 
  91. Get our taxes done on time.
  92. Buy a "big kid camera" and SLR to shoot biz stuff and personal Buy my hubby his voice recorder. {5.22.11 scratch this one since it's now obsolete, he got an iphone}
  93. Collect all close relatives, friends and families birthdays and anniversaries, and addresses to keep on file.
  94. Find a new home church.
  95. Go hiking when in Jackson or visiting in Utah.
  96. Wash my hubby's car for him.
  97. Stop drinking diet soda.
  98. Spend a day with my mom watching Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea series again.
  99. Save $10 for each item completed.
  100. Make a new list of 101 Things to Do before I complete this one.
  101. Give thanks to God for the willpower and determination to complete these tasks on time!
If any of you want to join in.. feel free. =)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Year! Happy Marriage!

2011... wow, that just doesn't sound right, but it's true, it's 2011!

My hubs and I just returned back from visiting his family in SLC, and also our trip with friends to ring in the New Year in relaxing Lake Arrowhead... it was a great way to end 2010.  

I'm not really one for resolutions, but I do like goal setting... it's been inspiring to see all my favorite bloggers posting about their goals, and it's made me want to do some serious goal setting for me, my marriage, and my businesses {yes you read businesses right}.  Since I work in the wedding industry and I am a married lady, I believe it's really important to not just focus on all the fun things about weddings and planning them, but to also remember that once that fabulous day has passed, there's a marriage that needs to be tended to on a daily basis!  My mom actually gave me a great book for Christmas and I wanted to share it with all of you - it's a very informative read even if you aren't married, or if you're engaged to be married, or if you've been married for 20 years this book is great!  While the title sounds a little odd, it's a fantastic read, and it's a WONDERFUL insight from a man's perspective on how men work in life, love and marriage in particular.

I read this book in two plane flights {and I am SOOOO not a reader}, it's a fun read, the author will make you laugh out loud and really inspire you to work harder in your relationship with your knight in shining armor, or your couch potato {soon to be knight} =).

I encourage you all in this new year to go out and find 

Hopefully it'll change your life and your marriage!