Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 years + counting...

it's that time of year that i get a little personal... today is my 3rd anniversary! and it's amazing to think that three years ago i was celebrating my new marriage with my hubby and our friends + family... it's only been three years but it's nuts to look back and realize how quickly the time flies!

here we are on 8.2.08 and us in 2011 after enjoying our anniversary dinner

although he and i have been together eight years {married three of those} i've learned a great deal about us together, myself, and about marriage... i really do look forward to learning more, to working to build a home together, and someday starting a family to fill that home.  marriage isn't always an easy thing, but here are some great "marriage tips" that have spoken to me over the past year that i've been following the very wise  Mike Glenn on twitter, i hope they speak to you too!

"us before me"

"fight the problem, not each other"

"Make substantial deposits of love before you make a withdrawal. 
Bouncing checks of the heart are hard to cover."

"Be proactive in helping your spouse achieve their goals. If they win, you win."

"Write letters to each other. Pen and paper, envelope and stamps...that's what makes it unforgettable."

"Remember when you were dating? Couldn't wait for Friday. 
Do what you have to do to make Fridays that way again."

"Your spouse isn't clairvoyant. If you need something, ask. If you feel something, say it."

"Love is spelled 'T I M E.' You spend time on who and what you love. 
What does your time say about your love?"

"Big things are little things put together. 
Want the big thing to work? Do the little things well and often."

"Every man has to be someone's hero. Make sure your husband knows he is yours."

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and the marriage tip that really impacted me to understand that you need to "work" on your marriage every single day, was the following tip....

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