Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{pre-vacation distractions} pins of interest

i have to say i absolutely have a love/hate relationship with my pinterest account... so thankful for all the amazing images, ideas, and inspiration that site provides me with... but.... i hate how much time can be consumed by scouring the site looking for fun new things, discovering new blogs i had never stumbled upon before, and obsessing over finding every known washi tape pattern under the sun!

i seem to do a lot of my pinning right before bed, which i'm very seriously considering changing that habit seeing how i have a very creative brain and here's what happens when i sift through hundreds of images that get my creativity going right before bed.... story of my life!

since i'm getting ready to head off to Jackson Hole tomorrow, i of course would rather do anything but pack {i.e. blog, pin, go to the pool} so i thought i share some of my favorite pins from my pinterest account... lucky you =)

here's something i'm hoping to try out for an upcoming event i'll be vending at
                                                    Source: via Blair on Pinterest

i absolutely ADORE these shelves constructed of crates, so much visual interest! 
                          Source: via Blair on Pinterest

i just love all the quotes and statements i find to pin, especially this one... there's something to be said for an "old school" work ethic... i know it did my self-made grandpa a lot of good as an entrepreneur too!
Source: via Blair on Pinterest

while i do love the South, i don't believe it'll rise again =)... but there is something really special and beautiful about this feminine union jack pillow - love it!

again, another inspiring quote, this one is showing off on a favorite of mine {a gold ornate frame w/ a chalkboard in it} i also dig the roughed up dresser, and the awesome little accessories used to 
style the shot
                                Source: via Blair on Pinterest

and now this one.... now that i'm off to take a break from some work {poolside} i'm going to paint my nails like this... but with blush pink polish + gold glitter

     Source: via Blair on Pinterest

.... and i'm going to make one of these for myself by the pool!

                                 Source: via Blair on Pinterest

i hope you enjoyed all my random pins, and if you'd like to follow me on pinterest you can {find me here}... if you need an invite to join just leave me a comment with your email address and 
i'll shoot you an invite!

happy wednesday,



Beets said...

lovee your blog! would love to follow you on pinterest...but have been waiting for a invite for days. If you don't mind inviting me by email is:

Thanks so much and keep blogging :)

Marcella Treybig said...

Hey I did that Daily Calendar thing!

Marcella Treybig said...

Hey I did that Daily Calendar thing and blogged about it! I love it.