Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{happy anniversary} to my parents

wow... today my parents are celebrating 43 years of marriage, something that is not a common thing these days!  here are my folks at my wedding 3 years ago, it was really cool to be married the same year my parents celebrated 40 years and my grandparents celebrated their 70th, yes, you read that right 70 years together!

mom + dad - although we didn't get to celebrate this big occasion together as a family i just wanted to say a few words on your anniversary {uh oh, i'm turning into dad} =).... but seriously, thank you for being the examples you've been to me the past 28 years.  i know that if ever i need counsel, support, or just a hug i can always count on you both.  i know these past 43 years have involved a great deal of work to juggle your marriage, your family and all the other things that life has thrown at you... but thank you for continuing to honor the commitment you made to each other and God the day you said your vows.  your marriage {no matter how perfect or imperfect it is at times} is an inspiration to me in my marriage and i'm sure to many others who know you.  i love you guys and i'm so thankful that you are the parents God blessed me with!

and yes we will happily cat-sit should you decide to go away for the weekend =)

love, b.a.

oh and PS. dad the 43rd wedding anniversary gift is travel!

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