Monday, October 10, 2011

{things that make me happy} my hubby + Maison Ladurée {NYC}

you're probably wondering about this post's title... well, i'll explain... my husband just got back from a trip to NYC, which sadly i couldn't join him on.  being the oh so subtle wife that i am i said if you have the time PLEASE go to the new Ladurée shop in the city, and IF you stop, can you bring me back some macarons, PRETTY PLEASE!  it was pretty much a request not a suggestion... you see, i've always dreamed of visiting Paris, and a few years ago my mom + i adventured off to europe, even made it to London... and the day before we were set to fly to Paris, she fell and broke her wrist and after a looong visit in the ER, we were reworking our itinerary to come home for her to see a specialist here.  we were so close, yet it just wasn't what God had planned apparently.  so needless to say i saw my hubby's trip as an opportunity to get a "taste" of Paris {if you will}. =)

here is the window display from outside Ladurée

so being the totally francophile nerd that i am i documented my souvenir that he returned home with =)

isn't the shopping bag beautiful? i'm so lame, i'm in love with the bag and this totally chic branding

and then he told me he "upgraded" and got be one of the limited edition boxes, go hubs!
he had them packed in this awesome kalidescope butterfly patterned box w/ the gold foil text 
{can we say collector's item?!}

....opening it up... 

 seriously Ladurée, you and your beautiful gold leaf details... so in love with the packaging!

and there they are, my adorable little "taste" of Paris... 

courtesy of my sweet and very kind hubby who lugged them all the way home 
to make his wifey happy, what a guy! =)

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Chelsea Cooley said...

I visited this shop in Paris!