Thursday, September 12, 2013

wow, where has the time gone?

it's hard to believe that the last time i blogged was at the close of 2011...

so much has happened between now and then, i planned some great events, friends and clients have had babies, lots of ups as well as some downs too.  if you follow me on facebook or instagram you've probably been able to see that i didn't fall off the face of the earth, but rather just lost that bloggin' feeling.

in the past i haven't posted a whole lot that's personal on this blog seeing how it's my event business blog, but i would love to share with you the journey that has kept me away from blogging for ohhh the past year + nine months!

there's quite a story to be told for sure, and i'll save that for it's own post... but i will give a little sneak peek, i am currently pregnant with our first child, a little baby girl that we can't wait to welcome into our world in about 43 days! eek

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